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In Diamond Air Xpress, we garrentere a lot of challenges, a relaxed atmosphere and of course the opportunity to fly in an active and exciting virtual airline.

In order to become a pilot in the DAX, just click on "BECOME A PILOT DAX" on the right part of the page. During registration, select your preferred base. You can choose from Billund, Copenhagen, Hamburg or Kangerlussuaq. If you choose the last, you also choose to start flying to DAXAc (Arctic). If you choose one of the other you will instead start at DAXEu. Of course you can always switch division, or even fly for both.

Are you completely blank on the flight, we offer the DAX a basic flight training program. This training will make you able to fly an airplane from one place to another, using the basic navigation aids (ADF, VOR, GPS and Compass). You will also be made able to lead communications at a level corresponding to IVAO / Vatsims' both VFR and IFR


Do you feel that DAX appeals to you or you have further questions about our VA, please feel free to write to.

Want to get on our internal mailing list please write to.

However, if you know that you will fly for DAX simply complete the enrollment at this link.

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