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What is DAX?                                                   

DAX - Diamond Air Xpress, is at virtual airline. We use Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Flight Simulator 2004 and X-Plane. DAX is divided into two divisions. DAXAc ( DAX - Arctic ) and DAXEu ( DAX - European ). DAXEu is based in EKCH Kastrup and DAXAc in BGSF Kangerlussuaq.

We use FSAirlines, which allows our pilots to their trips in a kind of "external database" while getting a virtual salary (v$). We offer our pilots 10% of the total income per flight, with the possibility of a job in the executive board for a salary of as much as 25% of the companys income per trip. So you can afford a new pair of Ray-Ban, or a new car to drive to work in, all virtual of course. Currently, we operate on FSAirlines four different routes from Kangerlussuaq around Greenland and eight routes out of Copenhagen. We have a solid structured management consisting of CEO: Jacob A. Nielsen and General Manager: Jesper F. Nielsen.

DAX is also creating and operating a full size fixed based DC-3 simulator called DAXSim. The simulator is used on FSAirlines in the same way as then you fly on a desktop computer. DAXSim is based on Microsofts Flight Simulator 2004.

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